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however the world changes, Sheds NZ won't compromise the quality!

Quality Timber Framed Kitset Buildings for the Home, Farm and Play.

Sheds NZ manufacture and market a range of quality kitset buildings for the home, farm and play. We design and manufacture a range of Garden Sheds, Farm Sheds, Stables, Hay Barns, Playhouses, Sleepouts, Cabins, Baches, Small houses, Offices and Commercial Buildings. Our buildings are built to last using sturdy treated timber and top quality zincalume or coloured steel. When you purchase a Sheds NZ kitset building you can rest assured that it will be a valued and attractive addition to your property. Our buildings are available in kitset form nationwide or installed fully built up by our regional agents in the South Island. To view our range of products click on the images below.

Recent Updates

  1. Sheds NZ was proudly supporting the South Island Dressage Championship 2014, which was hosted by Canterbury Dressage, the venue was at the National Equestrian Center from 24th to 26th January 2014. This event has attracted hundreds of competitors, spectators and judges around the south island.
  2. Sheds NZ is also proudly supporting the Pavilion Project which is an gift for the people of Bourail, New Caledonia for their recognition of New Zealand’s effort during the Second Word War and the continuing respect for the NZ Military Cemetery and the people it commemorates. The Pavilion Project is supervised by the Pacific War Veterans Charitable Trust, and we take the responsibilities of project management and construction.
  3. There are lots of sheds models displayed on our front yard at 1304 Main South Road. Models varies from stables to garden sheds, from pump house to gazebos and from time to time, We run Specials on these models. Pull over your car and pay a visit on us! To any queries you have you will get an answer here from our friendly sales team. We will see you right!

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